AD/PD Webinar™: α-syn pathology in the periphery: A window into early diagnosis

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Prof. Per Borghammer, Prof. Beomseok Jeon, Prof. Tiago Outeiro and Prof. Erwan Bezard

Moderator: Dr. Jamie L. Eberling

1. Welcome and introductions, Dr. Jamie L. Eberling (5 minutes)
2. Current challenges in the diagnosis of PD, Prof. Per Borghammer (15 minutes)
3. α-syn pathology in the eye & gut, Prof. Beomseok Jeon (15 minutes)
4. α-syn in the blood as a possible biomarker, Prof. Tiago Outeiro (15 minutes)
5. Modeling spreading of α-syn pathology from the gut to the brain, Prof. Erwan Bezard (15 minutes)
6. Q&A + Panel discussion, All faculty (20 minutes)
7. Closing remarks, Dr. Jamie L. Eberling (5 minutes)

Learning Objectives:

After this session, participants will be given the tools to:
1. Identify sites of aSyn accumulation outside the brain
2. Discuss the potential of peripheral aSyn as a biomarker
3. Discuss the use of models of aSyn spreading